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elisabeth schrott

complementary therapist

craniosacral biodynamics & holistic massage


I am a massage and body therapist with a holistic approach.

In 2016 I relocated from south tyrol to switzerland to begin with  trainings in craniosacral therapy at the International Institute of Craniosacral Balancing, ICSB.

Above all I was interested in the biodynamic approach in the cranio therapy because I believe that the cooperation with the inherent life forces and the orientation to the health it essential for being and becoming heal.

Biodynamics has become ingrained in me over the years and informs my work as a complementary therapist.

I speak german, english, italian and spanish


2008    Diploma Medical Masseuse
2018    Diploma Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist ICSB
2021    Pre-/Perinatal Therapy and Pediatrics, Baby Course ICSB

2023   Assistance in the training Craniosacral Therapy ICSB

why craniosacral therapy?


Vital forces move and invigorate.

Healing effect for body, soul, spirit, heart and mind.

Clarity, insight, harmonious development.


stress relieving

Getting in touch with deep calm, regulating and relaxing.
Mindful touch lowers stress hormones and stimulates messenger substances such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin.

Illustated Zweig mit Blumen
change & unfolding

Accompaniment and support of change processes in the dynamics of life.
Pregnancy support,
birth and transitions, dying process.

health & well being
Illustated Zweig mit Blumen

Systemic regulating effect for a balance in the nervous, hormonal and immune system. Vitality and strength in the whole.


Orientation to the inherent health, to the potential, the self-healing forces and resources.


Alleviating pain, after accidents and operations, for the aftercare of shock and trauma, .
Integrating, strengthening resilience and sense of coherence.

my offer

One session lasts 60- 90 min.
60 min. costs 132 Chf.

Most health insurance companies cover 70-90% of the cost of craniosacral therapy through supplementary insurance.
Please inform yourself.


I am a member of EMR and Cranio Suisse.

I am happy to visit you at home, during pregnancy, after birth, babies, immobility.


elisabeth schrott



+41 78 665 45 30


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

I am looking forward to meeting you

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